“Building dream with ice and snow, date for Winter Olympics” Online Winter Camp

  1. Organizer:Beijing Language and Culture University
  2. Time:Mar. 20th -Mar. 31st ,2021(tentative time)
  3. Introduction:The main features of the program are Winter Olympics-themed language training and online Winter Olympics cultural experience supported by technology, which starts from the French participants’ concerns about the Beijing Winter Olympics. The program applies holographic technology to provide a three-dimensional presentation of the Winter Olympic Games areas, venues and sport events. Through the communication and interaction with the Winter Olympic staff members and Winter Olympic athletes, this program tells the wonderful stories of the Winter Olympic Games in front of the stage and behind the scenes. We have also designed online tours to Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou to help students experience the charm of the Beijing Winter Olympics. In the Winter Olympics themed Chinese language learning, group research, round table discussion and speech contest, French students will form language partners with Chinese youths to enhance their understanding through mutual interaction and communication. The program will use the mode of « recording + live streaming » to carry out interactive learning online. In the process of learning, you can increase your knowledge of Chinese language, understand the content of the Winter Olympics and enhance your intercultural communication skills. You will participate in video lectures, MOOK and online lectures.
  4. Way of Teaching: Teaching online via zoom and other platforms.
  5. Application and course fees:Free
  6. Registration: Please fill this form https://www.wjx.cn/vj/YHXyaeM.aspx and then register through the Chinese Bridge Delegation Online Platform:http://bridge.chinese.cn/online/camp

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